Matchbaker® Creates First Ever Romantic Bakeware!



Matchbaker® is a family-owned and operated business that designed the first ever Patented romantic bakeware beginning with the 7 piece stainless steel measuring cups constructed from then highest grade 18/8 stainless steel materials available.  It is USA engineered, FDA approved, and manufactured in China.  Because everyone agrees that Matchbaker® makes the best gifts, our premiere packaging is gift-ready for your ease and convenience, making our products the perfect choice for wedding, anniversary, birthday, Mother's Day and Christmas gifts in addition to a must-have for your own kitchen and everyday use!


Matchbaker® recognizes two of the 10 top causes of divorce or breakup of a relationship as being 1) boredom and 2) financial disagreement.


Our company addresses the need for affordable, everyday romance in the comfort of your home for your date or your spouse which inspires everyday excitement!  We make it so much fun and simple to bake and cook for someone you love, or even magnify the bonding experience by spending time in the kitchen together with someone you love using our patented bakeware design and romantic recipes. 


Matchbaker® loves inspiring happy, healthy families.  So we are giving an overwhelming ONE-THIRD of our company's total proceeds to serve families with a nurturing stay-at-home parent who still need to afford to send a child or older sibling to private school.  


3 MatchbakerNapkinRingPro

Almost all of the other measuring cups in today's market consist of a near worthless, short, beaded or plastic holder that is difficult to get on and off and usually ends up being thrown in the trash, and the cups are left to become separated in your kitchen drawer.  

  1. Matchbaker® has sought to solve this problem by creating a Patented, elegant, luxurious, stainless steel and crystal holder that keeps your beautiful set together in a stylish way.  Our holder is simple to slip on and off with a built-in clasp that easily opens and closes.
  2. Our beautiful holder has many functions, in addition, to keeping your set together.  You can also use it as an elite, napkin ring around a linen or even a paper napkin.  This instantly turns a regular place setting into a romantic one, and gives your table the atmosphere you always wanted with just a simple touch.  
  3. Also, you can use it to make an elegant impression as a dessert adornment for someone that you love!  Simply open the ring and slip it on the bottom of a cupcake until it fits snuggly around the cupcake liner (usually about 3/4 of the way up the cupcake,) and then close the clasp so it is hugging the cupcake tightly.  Now, you have a dazzling and romantic dessert presentation with just a simple touch!
  4. Lastly, you can also use our Patented design to put around the wrist of your love interest to be worn as a bracelet during your meal.  It has a special inscription inside that lets them know that you are publicly displaying your affection towards them, with this gesture.

You'll always have these unique options and more available to you at any moment, as long as you have Matchbaker® by your side!

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