Matchbaker® Turns Bakeware Into Blackboards


     We are so happy to announce that in addition to providing quick, easy and romantic recipes and table settings with our Patent-Pending bakeware design, we are also donating 33.3% of our company's proceeds to help households with a stay-at-home parent!  These parents are nurturing the well-being of a child at home and may be unable to fund their child's private education, even if their child's needs mandate it.

     The founder of Matchbaker® was motivated to do something to contribute to the status of today's families.  "To foster healthy, happy relationships, marriages and families" was the mission behind the company from day one.  That's why, after countless studies have emerged showing how "Boredom in marriage" and "Financial distress" were among the top ten leading causes of divorces today, Matchbaker® set out to address both of those concerns in the established home, and also in the future home that is forming between a budding, new couple.

     There are many reasons why children attend private school.  For example, some children have exceptional needs that most public schools may not be specialized in addressing.  Some families come from various religious backgrounds in which a private education is available to you, but at a price you cannot afford because you are currently home nurturing and mentoring your child's formation instead of earning a salary.  If you, or someone you know, are a stay-at-home parent and you have a child who needs to or would like to attend a private school near you for whatever reason, make sure to register for news updates on our website to be alerted when we're ready to accept applications.  No purchase necessary to qualify!  We'll be conversing with our lawyers to set up an official fund just for this purpose, and we'll be announcing the news right here to our members.  It's just another reason why we're committed to healthy, happy families first.  Because love begins at home!

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