What’s Your Perspective on Love?


     If you were to listen to an audio clip of yourself talking to a friend about love, what would you hear?  Would your message be inspiring, hope-filled, optimistic?  Or would it tend to be a little bit more on the negative, sour or bitter side?  We all have had both positive and negative encounters with love.  We all carry both joy and pain from past, and current relationships.  If you have had more sorrowful experiences than joy-filled, remember that the most beautiful people that this world has ever known are those who have known defeat, struggle, loss and even occasional heartache.  But they have found their way out of the depths of their sadness.  These rare and beautiful people have a unique perspective, sensitivity and appreciation for life because of what they have experienced.  They know "good," when it comes to them, and they are thankful for the good moments that life is presenting them.  They are filled with compassion, gentleness and a deep, loving concern for others.  Beautiful people, just like beautiful food, don't just happen.  They are made.  

     So, what's your perspective on love?

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