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Matchbaker® Romantic Tip: Love Letter Pasta

     How To Write A Love Letter - Writing a love letter to someone that you care deeply for can be a fulfilling experience for the both of you.  But before you get all tongue-tied, let us give you a few tips to get your thoughts started on paper. "I love you because..." or "When I first met you..." or "I never thought this day would come..." or "I don't know how to write the perfect letter, but I do know perfectly well how I feel about you."  Try beginning with one, two or all of these concepts and finishing these (or your own sentences). The most sincere and treasured love letter will emerge right before your eyes.

     How To Deliver A Love Letter - This is one of our favorite topics at Matchbaker®!  There are so many creative and fun ways to deliver your well-thought out love letter.  Here are some of our favorite ideas: For your spouse, try slipping your love letter into an empty bottle and putting a tightly sealed cover or cork on it.  Then draw a bubble bath for your spouse and float your bottle containing your love letter on the bath water's surface.  Or, if you share the same address, mail your love letter to your own home! This will astonish your partner, and it will be the last thing they expect to see from you when going to pick up your mail.  How about tucking your love letter into a linen or white, paper napkin and leaving it next to their dinner plate?  We'll even show you how to fold a love letter themed napkin for this special meal and occasion in which you pronounce your love, either for the first time, or for the billionth.

     Yeah, I know, that's why you have us in your corner. 


 foldanapkin3.jpgHow to Fold A Napkin Into An Envelope
 1 Place square napkin on table like diamond, with one point facing you. Fold in half upward, point to point, to make triangle.
 2 Fold left and right corners of triangle inward so points meet at midpoint of base.
 3 Fold outer portions inward again in similar manner, with folds meeting at centre.
 4 Fold bottom section of napkin up so you have rectangular bottom and triangle "flap" above it.
 5 Fold "flap" down over rectangle to resemble sealed envelope.


Love Letter Pasta
This clever, creative and romantic dish was inspired by Kara Carrero from We are so in love with this concept and dish that we have tried to preserve it in its entirety so to not compromise her romantic masterpiece in any way. Please visit her site for other wonderful ideas:
  1. 1 tbs Butter / olive oil
  2. Small container of water
  3. Fifty 3inch”x 3inch” pasta sheets (homemade or you can buy wonton wraps)
  4. Shredded cheese of your choice
  5. 3 cups of raw spinach
  6. (Optional) 1/8 lb of cooked and spiced ground beef OR mushrooms
  1. Lay out your pasta sheets individually on a cookie sheet or baking pan. (This streamlines the process of making them)
  2. Place a small amount of cheese on each piece. Amount is up to you, but I would cover no more than 1/8 of the pasta sheet. Add a leaf or two of spinach on top of the cheese. (whole leaves without chopping are easier to wrap). Top with a slice of mushroom or a tsp ball of ground beef. (You can use a melon baller to achieve this and you can even mince the mushroom for the same effect).
  3. Along 2 of the edges that are perpendicular to each other, spread the extra virgin olive oil, butter, or mixture taking the side that does not have any oil and fold it over. Press firmly to seal the pasta. (I used the outside of my hand.)
  4. Now take the container of water and dip your hands in it.
  5. Start folding! Start with the sides of the "envelope" first. And then fold down the top flap. Make sure your hands stay moist because that’s what seals the parts together. Basically this is similar to a burrito fold, however, rolling will not achieve the “love letters” look.



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