When The Clock Strikes Midnight – You Are Enough.


     Imagine watching the movie Cinderella backwards.  You would see a woman begin to lose her exquisite ball gown, her royal staff and attendees, her one-of-a-kind glass slippers, her luxury coach, and then you would see her slip back into her simple dress, her simple shoes, her simple life, her simple home, her humble beginnings.  Do we love her any less with plain, but tidy attire?  Does our hope for her diminish any more in finding the prince of her heart?  No!  Quite the opposite, in fact.  We relate to the Cinderella in the beginning of the film.  We know her.  We recognize her.  We empathize with her.  We meet her everyday.  But what if you could write a letter to Cinderella, after she had her magical transformation in the garden that night of the ball?  What would you say to her?  How about:

Dear Cinderella,

You were already enough.

Your view of the world was enough.  Your innocence was enough.  Your patience with those around you was enough.  Your service to others was enough.  Your kindness was enough.  Your perseverance in your dreams was enough.   Your intelligence was enough.  Your economic status was enough.  Your wardrobe was enough.  Your heart was enough.  You Were Enough.  

When the clock strikes midnight, promise me, that you (and your prince) will love the real you -- more.


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